On 29th and 30th June we held our final consortium meeting to prepare for our last review meeting as well as draw the project to a close and reflect on what has been achieved over the past 4.5 years.

We had presentations on professional development, the schools evaluation and additional Navigo research which has been undertaken alongside the pilot as well as on our exploitation and dissemination achievements.

We also had some time towards the end of the meeting to reflect on our experiences and lessons learned during the project, as well as to thank the people that have ensured the success of the project including our management team of Panos Papoutsis, Antonios Symvonis and Mina Vasalou. It was very sad that we could not meet in person to say our goodbyes and thank yous, but we hope to have an iRead reunion at some point in the future or even iRead 2.0!

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