We are continuing to develop a range of helpful resources for supporting families and communities in using the Navigo game app at home.

 Bite-sized videos

These short videos are designed to support in getting started with using the Navigo app at home.

1 – Getting started: signing up and logging in
This video describes how to download the Navigo game from the Play Store, how to create an account for your child and how to log in

2 – Navigo game play basics
This video describes the gameplay basics, gives an overview of the game narrative, how to access games and customising your avatar.

3 – Navigo game game play top tips
This video offers tips on overcoming game play challenges through accessing hints and questions, keeping track of scoring and using rewards.


Technical requirements:
We recommend that the Navigo game is downloaded and played on an android tablet with an 8 inch screen or greater, with at least 1.5gb of RAM, and 32 or 64 bit architecture.