We have formed collaborations with both individual expert practitioners as well as schools, to provide opportunities for both teachers and pupils to inform, shape and improve the design of the iRead technologies. This is really important to ensure the resulting technologies will be appropriate and of value within current education contexts. These collaborations will continue throughout the design phase of the project.

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Within the UK context we are working closely with Learnus, who are supporting us in connecting with schools who want to engage with and participate in new research. Learnus have built a community of neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, educationalists, psychologists, teachers, policy makers and commentators through which they share knowledge, research and experience to improve and enrich learning for all.


Similarly within the German context we are working closely Karlsruhe University of Education who are sharing valuable expertise as well as helping us to connect with primary schools in Germany. The University provides a high standard in research and teaching in the field of education, with a focus on subject and age-group specific teaching and learning methodology as well as on educational processes in social, cultural and institutional contexts. It offers a teacher training programme for primary and lower-secondary school, including the “Europalehramt” (bilingual teaching) programme, which qualifies teachers to teach other specialist subjects in either French or English.