The goal of iRead is to develop personalised learning technologies to support reading skillsTo do this, we will create an open, cloud-based infrastructure to enable SMEs, Publishers and education providers to design and deliver personalised learning content, games and reading technologies to Primary school children learning to read.

For industry partners, the iRead infrastructure will:

  •  Offer open literacy resource banks, including subject word lists, definitions, phonemes and more. These literacy resource banks will be open and available for partners to embed in eLearning content, games and assistive reading solutions.
  • Support user modelling, enabling partners to create content, games and reading tools that are tailored to the learning requirements of each individual child.

The infrastructure will be trialled through the project – SMEs, Publishers and education providers will be invited to work with the project team to use it.

If want to learn more about opportunities to work with the iRead project team, contact Noel Duffy from Dolphin Computer Access Ltd.