We are looking for teachers and students from England, Germany, Greece, Spain and Sweden to contribute to the requirements and design phases of our project. There are a number of ways you can help us, which are detailed below.

1) User Requirements: February – April 2017

We are looking for teachers with experience teaching beginning readers (ages 5-8 years), students with dyslexia (ages 9-12 years) or English as a foreign language (ages 9-12 years)  to participate in the an interview with an iRead researcher:

This will involve a researcher visiting your school to chat with you about your current practices and challenges in teaching reading skills as well as your use of technology within
the classroom. The researcher will discuss the iRead concept with you to gather feedback on this.

We hope this will be a good opportunity for teachers to reflect on their use of technology in the classroom, to find out more about the proposed iRead technologies and directly inform the user requirements that will guide the technology design.

The interview will last no longer than 1 hour and with your consent will be audio-recorded.

2) Literacy Games and e-Reader App Design: April 2017 – December 2019

We are looking to run periodic (up to 3 times per term) design workshops with small groups of students in our target groups and/or teachers. These workshops will be run by iRead researchers at your school and arranged at your convenience. During the workshops the researchers will share initial ideas for specific iRead games and the e-Reader app and ask the participants to think of ways to further develop these ideas to make them more engaging and pedagogically appropriate.

Once initial prototypes of the games and reader are available the workshops will also involve the researchers observing students and teacher interacting with the prototypes and gathering feedback on the prototype design to inform further development.

We hope these workshops will help students and teachers explore ways that technology can be used to support the development of reading skills, to learn about the education technology design process as well as provide an opportunity to make an important contribution the design of the iRead technologies.

These workshops will last approximately 45 mins and be audio or video-recorded with teacher, student and parental consent.

To express interest in participating as an iRead design school (in one or both phases) please contact us via our Getting Involved page.

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