iRead is an innovation project whose aim is to work collaboratively with schools and education providers to develop novel educational technologies for fostering reading skills.

Between January 2017-2019 we will work with a small set of design schools to co-create these new technologies.

Between February 2019-December 2020 we will work with a large set of evaluation schools to explore how to embed these new tools in current practice and assess how well they support learning and teaching.

There is scope for schools to get involved in our work during both or either of these phases. We will issue calls for participation on a regular basis. Below we list the leads and learner groups in the countries involved in the project, whom you can contact using the form below to find out more country-specific information or to express your interest in getting involved in the project.

Beginning readers

  • England – Mina Vasalou, University College London
  • Greece – Yannis Kotsanis, Doukas Schools
  • Spain – Roger Gilbert, University of Barcelona
  • Germany – Kay Berkling, Duale Hocschule Baden-Württemberg

English as a foreign language

  • Spain – Roger Gilbert, University of Barcelona
  • Sweden –  Wolmet Barendregt, University of Gothenburg
  • Romania – Ioan Mihu, Universitatea Lucian Blaga din Sibiu
  • Greece – Anstastia Andritsou, British Council


  • England – Mina Vasalou, University College London
  • Greece – Maria Mastropavlou, University of Ioannina

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