Last month members of the UCL team presented work from iRead at the virtual British Dyslexia Association conference. This event took place on 20-21 May and is a venue for leading experts on dyslexia and dyscalculia to share their work with hundreds of researchers and professionals from around the world.

Dr Mina Vasalou led the poster presentation on “Developing a digital annotated primary-level word dictionary for use within reading apps” (see below) which presented work undertaken by the UCL and NTUA teams. Conferences attendees were able to view the poster during the conference and leave questions/comments in the chat box attached to the poster for our team to answer asynchronously.

Dr Andrea Gauthier gave an interactive research paper presentation on “How do different learner groups process instructional feedback in a literacy game” which described a study undertaken by the UCL team. Watch the recorded talk below:

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