By Roger Gilabert Guerrero (University of Barcelona)

Prof. Kay Berkling (DHBW) and her student Daria Seledtsova were recently hosted by Roger Gilabert Guerrero and his team at the University of Barcelona.

During her visit she gave three workshops on gamification at the university and the Center for Pedagogic Resources in Valls (Tarragona). Attendees included primary and secondary school teachers from some of the schools involved in the iRead project as well as teachers from the Consortium of Education in Barcelona and Tarragona.

Prof. Berkling reflected together with teachers on some fundamentals about what gamification is and what motivates most people and looked at some of the underlying psychological principles. This knowledge was extended into the design of motivating applications and games. Teachers contributed wonderful ideas and discussed how to gamify their own lessons.

The workshops had over 60 attendees in both locations and it was evaluated as a highly successful workshop!


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