We are fortunate to have a wide range of expertise and experience on the iRead project team. In a series of blog posts we will introduce each of our partners and find out what motivated them to get involved in the iRead project. Next up is Pickatale (introduced by Head of Content Development Team, Aneta Nachkova).

Introducing Wisdom Edition AS and Pickatale

Wisdom Edition AS, founded in January 2013 in Norway, is a publisher of digital children’s books and a platform for child education, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Skopje. The company’s core activities are the production of digital children’s books and learning technology for mobile platforms. The flagship product is the mobile library app “Pickatale,” which offers more than 1000 interactive children’s books available in 5 languages (English, Chinese, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian). Pickatale is a fully interactive, content-rich and quality illustrated electronic library, and its goal is to help children develop a love of reading in their first language, and to begin exploring their second.

Our iRead team

Pickatale Aneta

Aneta Nachkova | Head of Content Development

I am currently Head of Content Development Team,  working closely with a team of young enthusiastic people whose aim is to create stories that children will love and enjoy reading. Our work is guided by our company mission and vision that is helping children in their education process,  in learning new languages, throughout new technologies.

Pickatale SanjaSanja Gogova Kockishki | Chief Operating Officer

Sanja is a dedicated Project Manager who over the years has specialized in Strategic Project Management for IT Projects and highly-disciplined problem solver with a strong ability to identify project resources and provide the quality leadership. Her professional goal is to become a trustful Manager with a focus of implementing projects, platforms and infrastructures, using state of the art technologies and processes.

16-17_PICKATALE_Thomas Winther-Rasmussen copy

Thomas Winther-Rasmussen | Chief Creative Officer

Thomas is a Design graduate from the Aarhus School of architecture 2003, with extensive experience across multiple design disciplines on three continents. Has worked on several start-ups in the cross field of design, art and tech. Passionate about anything art and design related with an eye for the big picture as well as its details.

Pickatale Jixian

Jixian Wang | Technical Lead

Jixian Wang is an experienced developer always at the cutting edge new technologies. Instead of being a tech trend follower, he is a founder and contributor of many new technologies, from BSD unix kernel to modern game engines. He is also a very open technology researcher especially in the AI field.  He is continually working on making better machine learning algorithms to dealing with dynamic changes. Jixian has a great passion about bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning into children’s education industry and he believes it will happens in Pickatale in the near future.

Why iRead?

For Wisdom and Pickatale it is a great privilege to be part of such a remarkable project  that will help children from primary schools to learn English as a first or second language,  and also to help to those with dyslexia.

We want the children to learn through play. And by implementing technology, we are making the learning process easier. We combine creativity, entertainment and technology to deliver an exciting experience that enables children all over the world to learn by interacting and connecting with stories. As a result, we want children to feel that learning can be really fun!

Being part of such a huge project like iRead gives us access to experience and advice. This means that we are going to work together with pedagogical experts who will be able to provide input for our existing design. As part of this we will have a chance to discuss and present the research evidence and then consider how this could be implemented in our design.

The project will also give us an opportunity  to work closely with companies with which we could have collaboration beyond the project.

Picktable app on devices.png

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