In December the two e-reader studies on the Amigo Reader for Spanish and EFL were successfully finalised in Barcelona.

The UoB team are delighted to see the system in action after three years of hard work from everyone involved in the iRead project! From the start of the e-reader studies, students and teachers have expressed their joy at using the games.

The team expressed their thanks to Kay Berkling from the German team who offered invaluable assistance in setting up the tablets and overcoming internet connection issues at the start of the study. The team are also extremely grateful to Marta and Andrea at Bon Salvador school for collaborating in these research projects.

In total, 75 EFL students and 32 Spanish students took part in the e-reader studies. Results for the EFL study will be presented at the Conference of the American Association of Applied Linguistics in Denver (US) in late March 2020.

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