By Dionysis Panagiotopoulos & Kostas Karpouzis – National & Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece

The Greek team participated in this year’s “Researchers’ Night” event hosted in six major Greek cities on the last Friday of September.

The event was an opportunity to showcase to the public key research happening within universities and institutions. The NTUA and Doukas team, consisting of researchers and teachers, presented the iRead project to the public. 

While children played the NAVIGO game, parents had the opportunity to learn about the adaptive and personalized features of the iRead technologies. Brochures were shared with parents on how to register their child on the “Online Pilot” of the iRead project. Using this link, parents can sign up and understand how to support their children in learning their native language at their own pace, under the guidance of the iRead system.

NTUA+Doukas researchers handed out project brochures and informed more than 100 parents, while 80+ children played Navigo during the 6 hours of the event. Most of the visitors were families and university students and researchers. Attendees were able to find out more about the project’s research objectives in a poster prepared for the event.

Access the Greek brochure here: iRead brochure

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