By Ioan Mihu – Lucian Blaga, University of Sibiu (ULBS), Romania

The Sibiu Researcher’s Night, held on 27th September 2019, is an institution wide public event that is designed to show case research that is being carried out at the University of Sibiu.

At the event, Ioan Mihu from ULBS was supported by high school student Deborah Florea to demonstrate the iRead apps to school pupils from across the area. They presented useful features in the Navigo game and Amigo reader, explaining how these might be used in schools settings.

There was positive interest in the event with approximately 300 attendees representing staff and students from Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu and a range of other schools from the Sibiu area. Some attendees commented that they were keen to share information about the iRead project with their colleagues and peers, particularly other English teachers from their institutions.


The team are hoping to draw on this feedback as they begin to evaluate how young students who are learning English will use the apps in Sibiu schools.

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