By Wolmet Barendregt (University of Gothenburg)

This month iRead team members from the University of Gothenburg took part in #PopUpDig, which is a conference on the digitalisation of schools organised by researchers at three different departments at the University of Gothenburg: Department of Pedagogy and Communication, Department of pedagogical, curricular
and professional studies
and the Department of Applied Information Technology. You can find out further information about the conference on the website:

The event took place at the Faculty of Education on the 19th of June 2018, and the team organised a workshop for around 35-40 teachers where the teachers were introduced to both the E-reader and the games developed by iRead and how they facilitate personalised learning. Thereafter, the teachers were allowed to play some of the games and provide their feedback on them. The workshop was facilitated by Ylva Hård af Segerstad and Leona Bunting, with Wolmet Barendregt helping with preparations beforehand.

The teachers’ responses and evaluations of the game activities enabled the team to provide the development teams with information about the design of the games, complementing children’s evaluations of the game gathered during a previous event.



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