By Leona Bunting, University of Gothenburg

University West in Trollhättan, Sweden, has a profile of work integrated learning. The main research environment is ‘learning in and for the new working life‘ (LINA) in which approximately 75 researchers and 25 doctoral students are active.

The LINA group runs a seminar series to which researchers are invited to hold lunch seminars about various topics related to work integrated learning, and I was invited to speak about how iRead has worked together with teachers to develop the apps. The event took place 29 May. I was given an hour to speak followed by 15 minutes for discussion.

This spring, the traditional seminars have been replaced with webinars in zoom as everybody at the universities in Sweden are instructed to work from home. The presentation of iRead was therefore held from the comfort of my armchair at home. This meant that my initial idea, to let the audience try out the iRead apps for themselves, had to be scrapped. Instead, I showed the films available on the iRead website and used screenshots to try to provide a representation of usage that was as authentic as possible.

This was a lunchtime event which meant that people came in and out in an informal way. There were approximately 10 university staff attending. I presented what the iRead project consisted of, its background and design process. I also included some tentative results from the game and reader studies.

There were plenty of questions throughout. One interesting topic that emerged was the idea of challenging how we think about resources, for instance what are the implications of calling something a ‘learning design’ instead of a ‘lesson plan’.

The audience expressed that they thought the iRead project to be very interesting and hoped to hear more about results from studies in the future.

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