513446227The iRead games will be based on research undertaken in FP7 Funded iLearnRW project, which resulted in 9 new personalised literacy games for teaching phonics to children with dyslexia. These literacy games will be redesigned to be more suitable to the culture of classrooms across Europe and to address the needs of additional learner groups (students learning to read and students learning English as a Foreign Language). The games will be designed to reinforce students’ skills through practice and immediate pedagogical feedback. Students will be presented with appropriate levels of difficulty within each skill practiced, informed by empirical evidence in reading acquisition. The games will practice reading skills applied at a word – and also sentence-level focussing on both decoding (e.g. phonics) and comprehension skills (e.g. syntax). The games will offer the opportunity for self-paced learning outside the class alongside a special game edition designed for classroom teaching.

iRead will integrate three distinct learning apps (games, e-reader app, e-books) designed to reinforce the same literacy skills in different ways and offer unique opportunities to support the development of differentiated skills. A model of the student that personalises and adapts learning across apps will provide an integrative learning experience. Designed learning trajectories will also support a connected pedagogy across apps that will be managed through digital teacher tools for formative assessment.

Link with industry: The outcomes of this activity will inform the games service offerings for Fish in a Bottle