Wisdom Edition AS was founded in January 2013 in Norway, and is a publisher of digital children’s books and platform for young childhood education with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Skopje.

The company’s core activities are the production of digital children’s books and learning technology for mobile platforms. The flagship product is the mobile library app “Pickatale”, which offers more than 1000+ interactive children’s books available in 5 languages (English, Chinese, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian). Pickatale is a fully interactive, content-rich and quality illustrated electronic library and its goal is to help children to develop a love of reading in their first language, and to begin exploring their second.

Another major product developed by the company is an interactive wall that facilitates language learning and reading, currently used in over 10.000 schools in China. This technology comes with a Touch and Read Pen that makes education more entertaining, enhances the classroom experience and enables kids to learn through play.
Our company focuses on the development of learning software while the main product is a learning management system – software application for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology. Our product is currently made for the primary education segment, developed to assists parents and teachers with personalized lesson plans to teach English through a variety of books, games, media and assessments, and will include comprehensive reporting and recommendations for parents and teachers. It will become a digital platform for media & learning app distribution globally.


Petar Fidanovski | Project Delivery Manager

Petar is a Telecommunication/IT Professional with 19 years of working experience. 10 years’ experience in Management – Project management, overall product delivery and development, operations. 10+ years’ experience working with multicultural and multilingual staff. 6 years’ experience on worldwide projects with onsite activities. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. In his extensive experience, he has acquired several certifications: Certificate for completion of NLP Introduction module; Certificate for completion of Psychology of Customer Service training; Certificates for received and completed group of training’s for Telecommunication Technology. Strong skills in managing coordination between top management, teams, team leaders and senior experienced personals.


Aleksandar Atanasov | Digital Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Aleksandar is an Inbound Marketing Professional with 6+ years of experience. During his time at the NTH Group, Aleksandar coordinated B2B online marketing programs for several units in the company, generating leads and improving crucial KPI’s. Previously, at CyberLink Media he has helped brands such as Citroen, Fiat, Jeep and Alfa Romeo to establish a strong online presence in Macedonia via social media and connect with more customers/ Pursuing a passion to help start-ups achieve growth, he is regularly consulting on effective digital marketing. His portfolio includes collaboration with renowned organizations like FELU and Osten World Gallery of Art and experience in E-commerce industry. Aleksandar owns Google AdWords Search and Hubspot Inbound Marketing certifications.


Kristina Peshevska | Digital Sales Coordinator

Kristina is a talented and experienced Sales Coordinator in every stage of B2B selling process, including targeting, market research, qualifying leads and prospects, follow up, preparing presentations & offers, closing deals, delivering high quality reports according to client’s demands. Her experience in international companies offering services to business clients gave her competences for meeting client needs and delivering high quality services to customers. She is also highly motivated to maintain customer satisfaction. Kristina holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, couching certificate and 10 years’ education in self-developing and communication skills which provides her easily coordinating and inspiring team members.


Thomas Winther-Rasmussen | Chief Creative Officer

Thomas is a Design graduate from the Aarhus School of architecture 2003, with extensive experience across multiple design disciplines on three continents. Has worked on several start-ups in the cross field of design, art and tech. Passionate about anything art and design related with an eye for the big picture as well as its details.





Besnik Ameti | Back-End Developer

Besnik is a Back-End Developer with 4 years of experience in designing, developing, and managing information technology based web applications with special interest in server side services, tools/libraries, frameworks and presentation services. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-served in numerous programming languages including PHP, Javascript and SQL.

Education: Bachelor of Computer Science (SEE University – Tetovo 2010-2013) MSC Software Engineering and Telecommunication (SEE University – Tetovo 2014-2016).