Since 2003, fish in a bottle have been providing innovative and flexible solutions to our client’s digital requirements. With years of experience in game design and development, and clients the likes of the BBC, Channel 4, The Museum of London and the UK Parliament Education Service, fish in a bottle are experts in creating engaging educational content for children of all ages.


Drew Wilkins | Co-Founder and Head of Educational Content
As one of the co-founders of fish in a bottle, Drew has a wealth of experience in creating interactive content, games, websites and applications for web and mobile. Drew’s background is in game design and he has been developing games professionally for nearly 20 years.


Charlie Peden | Digital Producer / Project Manager
Charlie is a highly qualified and experienced Digital Producer. Prior to joining the fish in a bottle tyeam Charlie worked at Codemasters and SIS Betting, where he was responsible for delivering new products and services. He has produced multiple console game releases.


Brian Hartley | Senior Game Artist
Brian is an incredibly experienced game artist. Brian joined fish in a bottle from Blitz Games, where he worked as a Senior Environment Artist and had the pleasure of working many successful titles.At fish in a bottle Brian is a steadying hand, helping to guide the direction and visual style of our games.


Ben Price | Games Developer
Ben spent a year with fish in a bottle on placement during his BSc (Hons) course in Computer Games Programming in which he achieved a first class degree and awards for his technical skills. After completing his course Ben became a permanent member of the fish in a bottle team. Ben has worked on multiple iOS, Android and Windows releases and learned to master Unity among other game engines.