Dyslexia Action is a charity and UK’s leading provider of services and support for people with dyslexia and literacy difficulties and specialises in assessments, teaching and training.  Dyslexia Action develops and distributes teaching materials to support and empower teaching staff and to support individuals directly and undertakes research to evaluate their effectiveness. Dyslexia Action also develops software (Units of Sound) and provides online services (HDQ Online, Online Tuition, Online Teacher Training).

Dyslexia Action has a strong tradition in research and development projects, often being at the forefront of using cutting edge technology. Recently, Dyslexia Action was involved in projects focusing on developing models of online teaching and investigating accessibility options for students with dyslexia using mobile technology. Dyslexia Action was the lead partner in the development of Load2Learn, an online repository of machine textbooks in accessible formats. Dyslexia Action led the UK evaluation of apps developed as part of the iLearnRW EU project as well as being involved in the development process and subsequent dissemination. Currently Dyslexia Action is involved in promoting the use of tablets by children with reading difficulties.

Dyslexia Action has 21 specialist dyslexia centres and 97 teaching outposts across the UK (supporting approximately 12,000 individuals per year) and reaching further 3000 individuals through outreach project work, focusing on some of the most deprived communities in the UK.


Dr John Rack | Director of Education and Policy

John is the director of Education and Policy department at Dyslexia Action and founding director of the newly established Centre for Applied Research in Dyslexia and Literacy. He has a long standing background in leading dyslexia research and was one of the pioneers of the phonological deficit hypothesis of dyslexia. His research has included atypical reading development, memory and educational applications of communications technology. He has held research fellowships at University of Durham, University of York and University of Colorado, Boulder. He has held teaching positions at University of York and University of Lund. He is also a Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the RSA. He has been involved in a number of research projects and is an expert in evaluation methods.


Dominik Lukeš | Senior Education and Technology Specialist

Dominik’s theoretical background is in linguistics and education with a special emphasis of language learning, metaphor and discourse analysis. He has been involved in a number of research projects involving educational methodology, technological innovation and language development. He has worked as an educator and teacher trainer in over 15 countries. He has taught Czech at the University of London and University of Glasgow and managed language education programmes for the US Peace Corps across Eastern Europe Region and Asia. He has co-written a textbook of Czech as a foreign language and co-designed a curriculum for teacher training in English as a Foreign Language. He also taught online courses on Structure of Language and Inclusive Technologies for Reading.