Knowble provides enriched news articles as language learning material. Every learner reads personalised, relevant and interactive content.

Knowble uses its proprietary technologies to assess the difficulty of texts and match them with the learner’s skills and needs.


Douwe Oosterhout | Head of Technology / AI Expert

Douwe holds a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam.




Haris Mexas | Head of Learning / All-around Polygot

Haris holds a degree in Linguistics from Leiden University. He is fluent in 8 languages.



Jozef Misik | Managing Director / Business Brain

Jozef holds a Business degree from Erasmus University. Jozef speaks 5 languages.




Giwan Persaud | Product Owner / App & Front-end

Giwan holds a degree from SKEMA University in Information technologies.




Roland Groen | CTO / Machine Learning

Roland holds a degree in computer sciences from University of Amsterdam.